We identify two types of gifted students:

Most Able - Wadebridge School will be identifying those who are ‘Most Able’ by identifying the top 5 percent of students in each year group, based on their Key Stage Two SATs results. External tests will also be used to identify the ‘Most Able’ where students have not met the first criteria but have been recommended by teachers and/or have high Key Stage Two SATs scores.


Most Able students are identified in the second half of the Autumn term of Year 7, when national data is released.

Talented - ‘Talented’ students from each subject area will be identified by their classroom teacher according to individual subject criteria. Methods of best practice by which students are identified and the ways in which results are recorded will be guided by a standard department policy template in order to achieve consistency across the whole school.

Talented students will be identified in January, based on their performance since September.


The first and most important provision for ‘Most Able’ and ‘Talented’ students is high quality teaching in all lessons which is suitably challenging and appropriately differentiated. Alongside this, there will be specific support provided in the following areas:


Classroom: It will be the responsibility of the classroom teacher to provide all students, including those identified as ‘Most Able’ / ‘Talented’, with a suitable level of challenge and are given time to consolidate any new learning that has taken place.


Whole school: A variety of enrichment activities for all year groups will be provided and designed to encourage and enhance engagement and discussion in the student’s area of expertise across subject groups and ages, for instance targeted careers advice during the spring term when Year 8 are making their option choices. Enrichment opportunities will periodically be made available for the ‘Most Able’ during mentoring group sessions or for the ‘talented’ through subject groups. Sessions will look at a range of topics such as careers, options, homework, managing stress, mindfulness and subject knowledge. All Gifted and Talented students can also enjoy whole school enrichment opportunities.

MrsLauren Smith is the Most Able and Talented Coordinator

Mrs Sue Willmott works closely with our students as the schools Careers Advisor 

Whilst all staff are collectively responsible for the well being and progress of ALL students. 

The Most Able mentoring program will provide our Most Able students with additional, personalised support and guidance on their academic journey at Wadebridge School. 







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