Successful and Safe Sports Team Management at Wadebridge School

Minimum Standards

  • Be familiar with the Risk Assessment for Fixtures/Tournaments and matches.
  • Check department fixture book for forthcoming fixtures.
  • Confirm fixtures with opposing schools, communicate with PE Technician where appropriate.
  • Fulfil the allocated fixtures within the league and cup competitions entered.
  • Check with Jo/Ali/PE Technician if a bus is needed (check timings and seats needed). 
  • If you feel the players need to leave school early see Curriculum Area Leader.
  • Manager should hold regular practices and select the team.
  • Publish a team list to inform players of times, kit/equipment, venue and opponents.
  • Team sheet should be displayed prior to fixture date to allow ALL players to give information to parents and get consent.
  • Ensure ALL players have completed an Away Fixture Consent Form.
  • Ensure all equipment is prepared for the fixture (communicate with PE Technician).
  • Ensure a copy of the players Emergency Contact Details is taken to AWAY fixtures
  • Immediately prior to leaving on an AWAY fixture give a copy of the team sheet/pupils involved in the fixture to the office.
  • Ensure all equipment is returned to the appropriate place after the fixture.
  • Record the score in the fixture book or give to PE Technician.

    If any fixtures can not be fulfilled the opposing school MUST be contacted as early as possible and every opportunity should be taken to reschedule.

Good Practice

  • Generate additional fixtures/opportunities to extend the experience of your team.
  • Hold regular practices that engage players in skill development and team work.
  • Choose the team based on attendance and performance at practices.
  • Develop the role of the Captain within the team.
    o    Organising equipment
    o    Circulating details (extra to published list)
    o    Checking the team prior to the fixture.
    o    Writing a match report.
  • Publish the team list 3-4 days in advance of the fixture.
  • Create a fixture and practice list for your team and publish this to the players (may use PE Technician).
  • Develop methods of giving feedback and praise to your team.
    o    Player Performance Profiles built up over time
    o    Player of the Match Awards
    o    Coaches Comments sheet
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