Wadebridge School aims to create a caring and stimulating environment in which high standards of learning and teaching are promoted and in which all students can achieve success.
We aim to develop in all students a sense of self-esteem, responsibility and mutual respect. In a rapidly changing world we aim to equip each student with a range of adaptable skills and the ability to make informed decisions. 
The curriculum is all the planned events that students experience in school. It can be considered as consisting of two parts: a formal curriculum which is delivered through structured activities taking place in the normal school day; a hidden curriculum which finds expression in the complex pattern of life at Wadebridge School and the richness of experience this affords to all.

The school aims to provide a curriculum which contains enough breadth, balance and relevance to provide all students with a good general education, which is cohesive, progressive and differentiated so that it meets the needs of all children regardless of ability, race or gender. This curriculum should leave students well placed, with the appropriate qualifications to go on to further and higher education or into employment and training. In order to ensure that this is the case the school will attempt to ensure that:

·     Curriculum Area Leaders see that these issues are reflected in the relevant schemes of work and departmental handbooks;

·      an appropriate amount of time is devoted to each subject in the school timetable

·     regular review and modification of the curriculum takes place which takes account of changes to statutory requirements as well as other factors;

·      the whole curriculum contains well-structured Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) and Careers Education

·   all students with special educational needs, including those of exceptional ability, are provided with a curriculum to suit their needs;

·    staff receive appropriate professional development and training to deliver the curriculum effectively and to keep up to date with new educational practice;

·     students are placed in teaching groups which best allow the implementation of the curriculum, taking account of age, ability, staffing, accommodation, and subject requirements;

·    each class is taught in the best available accommodation which meets the demands of the curriculum;

·   all students will be regularly assessed and appropriate information fed back to students and reported to parents;

·  during Year 8 students and parents are provided with details of the alternative pathways and options available in Key Stage 4 and are provided with guidance on making choices for Years 9, 10 and 11 (see Key Stage 4 Prospectus);

·    during Key Stage 4 students and parents are provided with details of the various options available post-16 and are provided with impartial guidance on making their choices;

·      where appropriate external agencies and other community stakeholders are utilised;

·      the work done in class is supplemented by the setting of appropriate homework;

·    students’ work is valued, feedback is provided promptly and constructively according to the school assessment and feedback policy;

·   at appropriate points during each Key Stage students take the relevant internal and external examinations (these are identified each year on the school calendar), the results of these are collated and analysed to help track pupils’ progress, plan appropriate interventions and to evaluate performance;

·   all students are expected to present work appropriately in all subjects, taking account of spelling, punctuation and grammar;

·    lessons are managed so that the classroom environment is such that students feel safe and effective learning can take place.

The full Teaching and Learning policy, including our current curriculum structure can be accessed here: Teaching and Learning policy
The school's Assessment and Feedback policy can be accessed here: Assessment and Feedback policy
The school's Homework policy can be accessed here: Homework policy

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