Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance at Wadebridge School

  • Careers Lead Mr P Glynn Assistant Headteacher 

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  • Independent Careers Advisor  Ms S Willmott, CrossRoads Careers Services 

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Enterprise Advisors   Mr J Shepherd, Matthew Edward Engineering Ltd  

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We provide a full program to our students that ensures they:

  • Know what their choices are Post 16
  • Know where to look for information and ideas

The following links aim to support staff, students and their parents/carer with relevant information to support the delivery of CIAG and decisions on appropriate pathways at post 16.





Additional resources:
  • Powerpoint slides outlining choices once a student finishes Year 11 - Post-16 Choices
  • An excel file containing links to many excellent websites for ideas and research into different careers and areas of interest - Resources for research

If students need further support;
  • They should ask their tutors as a first point of reference
  • They will also have frequent opportunities to seek support from senior members of staff within school
  • They can request a meeting with the independent careers adviser

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) forms an important part of the curriculum at Wadebridge School. Supporting students in gathering information and ideas for their future education and work pathways is vital in helping them to link their academic studies with their future aspirations. Students who have a plan, albeit one that isn't set in stone and is likely to change during their time in school, are more likely to engage fully with their studies and be more motivated to achieve their goals.

Careers education and information is delivered to students by tutors and teachers, and through interaction with outside organisations in a number of ways from Year 7 to Year 13. Advice and Guidance is delivered by an independent adviser attached to the school and who is an expert in this field. They are able to offer one to one sessions for those students in need of additional support; they have access to a wealth of resources and information from a wide variety of sources and connections. The advice offered is impartial and not linked to any one academic institution which means that students will receive advice tailored to their needs and consequently more likely to succeed in supporting them with making informed decisions about their future.

Successfully supporting our students with making choices for their future is very important at Wadebridge School and we believe that this starts early and involves not only the school and the students but also their parents and carers too. Ideas for their future education, jobs and careers are often conceived outside of school through the influences of parents, relations, friends and peers. Many things will influence and inspire young people and it is therefore crucial that dialogue between home and school is encouraged. Parents evenings are a good opportunity for discussion about future plans and our independent adviser is always available to answer questions and guide parents and carers towards suitable resources and support.



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