At Wadebridge School students are invited to engage with a variety of drama skills and activities that help exercise their imaginations and build on their group skills and confidence. At Key Stage 3 Drama is taught through the English Curriculum and students can opt to take Drama in Year 9 . Studying Drama has a lot of personal benefits for students. It helps with building self-confidence, speaking in public, and developing interpersonal skills. Drama will help students to be more aware of how their physical presentation can affect the way people see you. Ethically, it provides the motivation to start to evaluate your own values and beliefs.

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Course Details: 

Component 1: Devising 40%

Students develop a devised piece of theatre, based on a provided stimulus. In addition to performing this, they produce a portfolio which analyses and evaluates the devising process, followed by a timed evaluation. 

 Component 2: Performance from Text 20%

Students will perform two key extracts from a performance text. This is an externally assessed piece.

 Component 3: Interpreting Theatre 40%

Students will explore one complete performance text as a performer, director and designer. They will also analyse and evaluate a piece of live theatre that they have seen.

This is assessed by a written exam lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.  An extract of the Performance text will be reprinted for students to respond to and students are allowed to bring in a page of live theatre notes in order to respond to the live theatre evaluation questions. 

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