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Key Stage 4 marks one of the most important and exciting stages in a student’s education. For the first time students have a significant say in what they are studying and as such are expected to exhibit an independent work ethic and to take shared responsibility for their learning and progress.

The Key Stage 4 team are dedicated to ensuring that each individual student reaches their full potential both academically and personally. All students are encouraged to engage in open discussions with the team about their academic and personal progress, as well as any matters of concern.

The Key Stage 4 Tutor Programme has been developed to assist students in the development of high aspirations and other careers skills. Students are given a variety of careers education as well as individual advice and guidance including individual interviews for all Year 11 students to ensure they make informed choices about their future.

While most final examinations are sat at the end of Year 11, coursework and non-exam assessments are completed throughout the Key Stage and it is important that students perform to their full potential at all times. A consistent work ethic will also help students balance the pressures that they face at the end of Year 11. It is, therefore, vital that students maintain an exemplary record of attendance and punctuality.

The focus of Key Stage 4 is, of course, ensuring student success in external examinations but we also want students to excel as individuals and with this in mind offer a variety of opportunities including work experience, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, joining Empower as a means of empowering and supporting younger students, becoming a prefect or even one of the senior team.

The Key Stage 4 team are here to support students and to ensure that they become the very best that they can be!

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