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KEY STAGE 3 - DESIGN TECHNOLOGY: Product Design, Food and Nutrition, Textiles.

In year 7 students learn key skills and knowledge through a range of exciting and engaging project across a range of specialisms within Design Technology.

Across a term, students spend a total of 4 hours a fortnight in Design Technology, and respond to briefs in product design, and food or textiles. 

Below are some of the projects we currently offer - these range from designing and making a customized 'Tutti Fruitti'  calico apron in textiles, to using CAD / CAM to develop a 'Memphis' inspired clock, and learning about healthy eating and working safely in a kitchen to develop a range of picnic, 'Alfresco' inspired recipes. 

In year 8, students continue to develop and refine skills and understanding through different material groups and specialisms. 

As in year 7, students have 4 lessons a fortnight and respond to exciting and engaging briefs that link to real world problems.

Projects range from designing and making a literacy themed cushion for the LRC to inspire a love of reading, to developing Architectural skills and rendering a 3D simulation of a rescue shelter in a developing country. 

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