Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages                                                                                         

The MFL department aim to create and develop enthusiastic, confident, independent language learners who are curious about the world beyond our borders and who have a desire to connect and communicate with people from other countries and cultures.

Young people with good language skills are in high demand in the 21st Century. They stand out as talented and successful people with broad and exciting horizons.

Our language curriculum covers a range of topics and skills and is designed with clear progression to ensure learners develop proficient linguistic competence.  

Each year, the department employs native speakers from France and Spain as language assistants to enhance students’ confidence and fluency in speaking.

The possibility of an authentic language experience is provided by trips to France (Paris) and Spain (Seville) for Year 7 and Year 9 students.

Students in Years 7 and 8 study either French or Spanish. This enables students to fully master the language and allows for a full five-year learning journey to GCSE. Pupils who have a particular interest in, and aptitude for languages may opt for a second language to GCSE at the end of Year 8.

Useful Websites

https://www.duolingo.com  (pupils have their own login details)


 https://www.quizlet.com  (use Edexcel lists)







Details of the GCSE French and Spanish courses can be found in the Year 8 options booklet.
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