Wadebridge School Art Department

At Wadebridge School, we have created a bespoke art and design programme of study based on the National Curriculum. It is our intention that learners of all abilities access an engaging, inspiring and stimulating art and design curriculum.

Curriculum Map 2023-2024


Key Stage 3

Our teaching of KS3 is embedded by the statutory requirements of the refined National Curriculum. This in itself is an embodiment of the assessment criteria for both KS4. Our expectations for a balanced and appropriate curriculum will follow the demand to:

● Develop students' knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design.

● An awareness of the purposes of art, craft and design in a variety of contexts and in the development of their 

own work.

● To engage students in the creative process of art, craft and design.

● Become confident in exploring ideas, processes, materials and techniques with a specific emphasis on drawing.

● Develop an awareness of the different working methods of artists/craftspeople and designers in the development of their own work.

● Make informed decisions about the development of their own work.

● Produce creative work, refining and developing a range of outcomes.

● To evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design.

Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 GCSE - Art and Design-J170-J176, art, craft and design specialism allows for greater flexibility for our learners to choose and work in a variety of mediums that best suits.

The course content for KS4 is structured with Year 9 being thought of as a foundation course, where we revisit the fundamental thinking and techniques of drawing, then applying these principles to wet materials and mixed media.

This is based upon the principle that drawing is the foundational root of all thinking and other skills. Throughout the remainder of Year 9 we introduce a mini project to allow students to understand the parameters of a set brief and project. We then run a series of printmaking workshops allowing students to develop and refine their skills in preparation for year 10.

The remainder of the Curriculum for KS4 explores the Component 01: Portfolio (60% coursework task) responding to the OCR specification for GCSE - Art and Design-J170-J176. We provide students with a mock exam to create their

outcome for Component 01: Portfolio, again building their confidence in preparation for the upcoming exam for Component 02: Externally set task. When teaching art and design, as teachers we follow the pupil’s interests to ensure their learning is engaging, broad and balanced.

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