ICT, Computer Science, IMedia and Business Department

This departments goal is to equip students with the skills they need to explore, understand and use new and emerging technologies ready for tomorrows world.

Through our curriculum, students learn a wide range of ICT techniques that will help them at school, further education and in the workplace. It is our intention that all our learners should develop skills relevant for their futures. The focus throughout lessons is on using technology as a tool to solve problems, while gaining confidence in their abilities.


KS3 Information & Computing Technology 

At Key Stage 3 all pupils learn a variety of foundational computing knowledge and skills, business concepts and IMedia techniques. They explore topics such as computational thinking, algorithms, programming, data representation, computer architecture and networks. Alongside this, pupils learn about how to create a wide range of different media products for different audience and purposes, utilising tools from numerous software packages.


KS4 - Cambridge Nationals/Computer Science

Cambridge Nationals iMedia(Cam Nats)

OCR Creative iMedia is a comprehensive course that explores various aspects of creative digital media. Students delve into graphic design, animation, and web development, gaining practical skills in software applications and project planning. The curriculum emphasizes multimedia production, fostering creativity and innovation. Through hands-on projects, learners develop proficiency in using industry-standard tools and techniques to create engaging visual content. The course equips students with the knowledge and expertise needed to pursue careers in fields like graphic design, animation, advertising, and web development. With a focus on practical skills and real-world applications, OCR Creative iMedia empowers students to unleash their creative potential in the digital media landscape.

A One Page Summary of the course can be found here: Click Here

The Course Learning Journey (See what topics we cover when) can be found here: Click Here


GCSE Computer Science

Computer Science is a course that explores the fundamental concepts of computing. The curriculum emphasizes problem-solving and computational thinking, fostering logical reasoning and analytical skills. Through practical programming exercises, learners develop proficiency in languages like Python  and gain hands-on experience in designing and implementing algorithms. The course equips students with the knowledge and skills to tackle the jobs of the future. J277 OCR Computer Science GCSE prepares students for the ever-shocking world of technology. 

· Component 01: Computer systems - Introduces students to the central processing unit (CPU), computer memory and storage, data representation, wired and wireless networks, network topologies, system security and system software. It also looks at ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns associated with computer science.

· Component 02: Computational thinking, algorithms and programming - Students apply knowledge and understanding gained in component 01. They develop skills and understanding in computational thinking: algorithms, programming techniques, producing robust programs, computational logic and translators.

A One Page Summary of the course can be found here: Click Here

The Course Learning Journey (See what topics we cover when) can be found here: Click Here

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