Introduction to Information & Computing Technology

The goal of the ICT department is to engender a love of technology and give students the skills they need to explore, understand and use new and emerging technologies. Through our curriculum our students learn a wide range of ICT techniques that will help them both at school and in the workplace and further education. Students are introduced to skills which include research, programming, game making, web development, graphics, animation, podcasting and office applications. The focus throughout lessons is on using ICT as a tool to solve problems. Students are encouraged to work independently and gain confidence in their abilities and in how to find help when they need it.

Overview KS3

ICT and Computing in Year 7.

ICT and Computing in Year 8.


KS4 - Cambridge Nationals/Computer Science

Cambridge Nationals iMedia(Cam Nats)

OCR Exam Specification  here

Course Summary here

GCSE Computer Science

OCR Exam Specification  here

Course Summary here


KS5 - Cambridge Technicals in IT Level 3 here

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