We take the On-line Safety of our students, staff and parents very seriously here at Wadebridge School.

The internet is an amazing tool and you are encouraged to use it to enhance your learning. However, there are dangers and it is our responsibility, along with parents and other professionals to ensure that we educate you about using the internet safely.

As well as the links and resources below, in your ICT, PSHE, Tutor lessons and assemblies you will discuss many topics about staying safe on-line, including:

·         Peer Pressure

·         Plagiarism & Copyright

·         Self Esteem On-line

·         Being Responsible On-line

·         Your Digital Footprint

·         Your Digital Life

Why not take the Safer Internet Day quiz to check your safety awareness/knowledge.


Indecent image to report? 

Using the link below you are now able to report any indecent images of you that has been posted online in order to have them checked and removed.

You will need to:

  1. Download Yoti – To verify who you are. The easiest, most secure way to prove identity. Take a selfie and then a photo of your ID, like a passport, to verify it’s you.
  2. Report: Give details of the nude image and where it could be online (don’t worry if you don’t know all the details)
  3. Remove: We’ll then review the details and the IWF will work to have it removed 

Report here:

More support about sexting/trading nudes/dirties/pic for pic... can be found at


Being Smart Online

 Following these 5 simple tips will help you go a long way towards staying safe on-line.

Recommended Links

Visit some of the recommended links to get tips and information about how you can safely enjoy being on-ine, gaming, shopping, chatting, using social media like Facebook and the many other activities that adults, parents and carers, children and young people get involved in on the net.

Thinkuknow 11-13  – Advice for students aged 11-13

Thinkuknow  14+ – Advice for students aged 14+

Kidsmart – Learn more about being on-line and being a SMART surfer.

WiseKids – On-line Safety Tips

Cyber Street – Offers a range of interactive resources providing clear advice on the essentials for enjoying a safe experience online.

Childnet – Excellent site with info for young people, parents, teachers, professionals 

Safer Internet – On-line Safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe on the internet. Section for parents and carers

Get Safe Online – Easy to understand, practical advice on how to protect you against problems encountered on-line.  

Digizen – Information on cyber bullying and how to become a responsible digital citizen.

CEOP– Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre

Knowthenet – has reliable advice and top tips to make the most of the internet.



Red Example Button

 You can use the link above to make an anonymous report of an issue to a student support team.

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