Recent research shows that British parents spend an average 3.6 hours per week supporting their children with their school work. This is one of the lowest levels internationally. In India 62% spend 7 hours a week!

Revision really is the key to success in any assessment or exam. However, it does not need to be stressful! There are lots of methods and simple techniques that you can use to support your child through their revision – from helping them to create suitable revision resources to testing their knowledge. You do not need any prior knowledge of a subject to help! 

Quick Guides For Parents

What can you do to help?

Support a positive mind-set – it’s worth it, revision works!!

Check ClassCharts regularly so that you are aware of upcoming tests.

Help your child make revision resources.

Test knowledge using revision tools. 

Encourage sleep and healthy eating.

Provide a good workspace.


What works well?

Asking to see revision materials and give positive feedback/rewards.

Revisiting topics/resources regularly – not just the night before!

Encourage them to start early rather than cram.

Help to create a plan – revision timetable.

Chunk revision with breaks!

Being interested and learn alongside.


What to avoid:

Buying a revision guide and a highlighter and thinking you’re done!

Negative comments about a subject or how difficult it is.

Distractions – phones, tv, noise etc.

Just reading through notes.


Techniques that actually work! 

Click on the links below to find out more including examples and templates to get started with.

Knowledge Organisers (Blank Template HERE)


Online Tools

Flashcards (Blank Template HERE)


Picture notes



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