This document is a practical outline of potential issues and emergency procedures.

This is not a replacement for LEA guidelines and these must be familiar to all staff and ALL LEA emergency Procedures must be followed. LEA Safety on Educational Visits Doc pgs. 49-54.

Staff taking Away fixtures must be aware of, and follow, this  guidance:

-    The LEA Emergency Procedures for Educational Visits
-    The PE Department Risk Assessment for Away fixtures, tournaments and matches
-    Transport Safety for Educational Visits (LEA SoEV pgs. 33-35)
-    Successful and Safe Sports Team Management at Wadebridge School

Common Issues and Questions Answered

What do I do if a child has an injury requiring a trip to hospital whist at an away fixture (match, fixture or tournament) and there is only one member of staff?

  • Duty of care for pupil remains with the member of staff until the ambulance arrives and staff must ensure other players are safe.
  • Once ambulance arrives duty of care for injured pupil is passed to medical professionals.
  • Member of staff should contact school office who will contact parents and give them information on where the pupil is being taken, the incident and brief description of injury.
  • If school office is closed the contacting of parents can be done by the member of staff using contact information or the Pre-arranged Emergency Contact can be called to follow the emergency procedures. 
  • Member of staff then must make a judgement either to complete fixture or return immediately to school ensuring at all times remaining pupils are safe.

What do I do if the bus breaks down or I am very late back from an away fixture?

  • Allow pupils to contact parents using mobile phones and give a realistic time to expect arrival back at school.
  • Ensure pupil safety if bus has broken down.
  • Contact the school office so if any parents call they have the relevant information to give out.
  • If the event is out of school office hours ensure all parents are contacted using parental contact details.
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