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A3 is an area based within Wadebridge School which delivers educational and pastoral support to students with a range of alternative requirements. The area has a quiet and purposeful atmosphere, providing the ideal space for students to complete independent work or to relax and de-stress if they have become overwhelmed.

The area has a range of educational resources available to support students with their learning, including: a resources library with textbooks, study materials for every course, computers, a small reading library and, scheduled support from subject staff during specific periods throughout the week. Students accessing A3 may also make use of the therapeutic tools available which include art supplies, sensory equipment, games and puzzles. We also have support animals which many of the students find calming and comforting, especially during periods of anxiety.

To access A3, students must be referred via SLT, the Student Support team or their Key Stage lead. Reasons students may be referred are as follows:

1.       Transition - Student who are transitioning back into school following a period of absence may benefit from use of A3 to catch up with any missed work and to settle back into the routine of the school day. Students may access A3 for set hours each day and complete work set by their teachers, gradually building up to full time use and transitioning back into classes.

2.       Scheduled Support – Students who are not able to access a full timetable due to a range of medical or mental health difficulties may be timetabled in A3 during spaces in their timetable. Students are encouraged to make use of the educational resources on offer to complete catch up work, homework and revision. 

3.       Time Out – Students who regularly access Student Support and are known to require time out of class may be issued with a Time Out card. This allows them to make use of A3 if they feel they need a safe space to calm down and re-focus.

These short films were made by staff and students to explain what the purpose and impact of this provision: 

  • This video was created in 2019-20 shortly after we had first set up A3:
  • This second video was made in 2021-22 by some of the same students - they are just a little bit older! 
  • In 2023 students and staff explain how A3 helps students regulate and re-engage in learning

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