List the significant hazards which may result in serious harm or affect several people.

Who might be harmed? 

List groups of people who are at risk from the hazards identified.

Is the risk adequately controlled? 

List existing controls or note where information may be found.

Further action needed/review

List proposed action where risks are not deemed adequately controlled.

Prior to Fixture date 

Pupils unaware of fixture information including:

  • Fixture venue and opponents
  • Member of staff
  • Leave and return times
  • Activity & Equipment needed



Staff must follow the minimum requirements for team managers as published by CAL of PE. 


Leaving School 



  • Consideration of time when moving mini bus from the playground.

  • Care should be taken when driving out of school grounds
    Mini Bus/Coach travel to venue


Mini Bus/Coach travel to venue

  • Accident on route
  • Sudden breaking causing movement of passengers
  • Tripping over stored baggage
  • Crossing roads when embarking/disembarking
  • Missing students
  • team players (max 55)
  • staff (1 staff : 15-20 students)
  • bus driver
  • Staff refer to LEA Risk Assessment for Transporting students (Safety on Educational Visits, pgs. 33 - 35)
    staff brief students regarding expectations of behaviour
  • staff will adhere to staff : student ratio
  • staff carry emergency numbers and a mobile phone
  • staff perform a head count when embarking/disembarking
  • staff remind and check students are wearing seat belts
  • large items of equipment stored below bus or secured on front seats, no bags in aisles
  • staff must ensure baggage on mini bus is strored in such a way that it would not be dangerous in the event of a collision and that it would not hinder evacuation of the bus in an emergency
  • experienced bus drivers, hired with the bus company
  • staff carry a first aid kit and parental contact information
  • staff give clear instructions on embarking/disembarking


Arrival at the venue 

  • Students get lost
  • Students lose personal belongings
  • Students unsure of expectations
  • Students not fully prepared
  • team players
  • staff


  • staff brief students of expectations regarding behaviour (indluding general tourtesy, litter disposal, etc) and performance
  • staff locate a safe, sheltered central meeting area for all students in case of a problem
  • staff collect in valuables for safe keeping on the bus
  • staff locate changing facilities, toilets, emergency exits and playing area
  • staff check students are prepared with correct kit and equipment (includeing fluids and sun cream if hot)
  • staff ensure students are fit to participate and check medical conditions/injuries before starting play (refer to medical information in registers or emergency details) 


During play 

  • Students are injured
  • Reserves wander off and get lost
  • team players
  • staff 
  • staff carry first aid kit and check first aid/emergency procedures at the venue 
  • staff have basic first aid training to deal withminor incidents and can recognise when an incident requires specialist treatment/assistance
  • staff remind students of expectation and of order of play/times of play so no one misses their play
  • in event of a serious injuring refer to Emergency Procedures Form


Departing the venue 

  • team players
  • staff 
  • staff perform a head count at the meeting venue
  • staff remind students to collect all belongings and equipment (and do final check of venue)
  • staff remind students of general expectations (including courtesy, thanking umpires etc)
  • staff ensure that all students return to school on the bus unless through prior arrangement and that parents collecting students understand the time of collection and have supplied written/verbal consent with the member of staff responsible  


Mini Bus/Coach travel from venue

  • team players (max 55)
  • staff (1 staff: 15-20 students)
  • bus driver
  • same as coach travel to venue


  • staff ensure that all students are collected before the last member of staff leaves school
  • students must not be left in the sports centre.  It is the responsibility of the member of staff to ensure students are collected
  • students may walk or get local transport home if they have prior parental permission, given through Away Fixture Parental Consent Form 


Fixtures arriving back after 5.00pm when school office is closed 

  • team players (max 55)
  • staff (1 staff: 15-20 students)
  • bus driver
  • Emergency contact numbers taken by member of staff
  • emergency contacts arranged prior to fixture with parental contact details and SLT contact details
  • emergency procedures follwed (LEA Safety on Educational Trips pages 49-54)


March 2009 - D. Abbiss (CAL for PE) 

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