The Student Support Team

The Student Support Team provide a universal service to all students, working to develop and maintain their social, emotional, mental health and well-being. We liaise with staff, parents and outside agencies to provide the best outcomes for our young people and support them in challenging barriers to their learning and achievement.

As a team we can provide 1:1 support, focused intervention for groups, counselling and support for parents/carers. We also refer to and work closely with many different statutory, voluntary and charitable organisations who provide additional support for young people and their families when necessary.

The student support team work closely with our Key Stage Leaders and respective teams to maximise the learning potential for our students. We work together to identify and support students who may be experiencing difficulties which could be a barrier to their learning. 

Polly Amos
Polly joined Wadebridge School in September 2016 she is Student Support Team Leader and is also one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads within school. 
She works with individual students, parents and staff to help overcome barriers to learning and wellbeing.  
Polly works closely with students and families who are supported by outside agencies, liaising with agencies both inside and outside of school. 
Outside agencies we work closely with include Children Schools and Families, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team (CAMHS), Penhaligons Friends, YZUP and Kernow Young Carers who provide additional support when young people need it most. 

   Terri Barbery-Redd
Mrs. Barbery-Redd has worked at Wadebridge School since 2001. She works with individual students, parents and staff to help overcome barriers to learning and wellbeing. 
Much of Mrs. Barbery-Redd focused work is around stress, anxiety, anger issues, self-esteem and confidence building.  Mrs. Barbery-Redd also offers tailored support to our LGBTQ students and works closely with The Intercom Trust.  
She works with students and families who are supported by a range of outside agencies, liaising with agencies both inside and outside of school.
In addition to this Mrs. Barbery-Redd facilitates the Pride Group; organises and oversees the EmPower Team (see below for more information on EmPower) and is one Staff Health & Wellbeing Champions.

 Susi Delisle

Susi has worked at Wadebridge School since 2006, her main role currently is Pupil Premium Advocate within the Student Support Team.  This role involves supporting students and their families to engage in their education with the aim of achieving the best possible outcomes both in academic achievement and wellbeing. This is something that Susi is immensely passionate about. 
One of Susi’s other responsibilities is supporting students in their Vocational Studies as well as working more broadly to support other students within school. 
Susi continues to provide support thought the school holidays and can be reached on 07580272343 

Hannah Leightley

Hannah works with individual students, parents and staff to help overcome barriers to learning and wellbeing and has responsibility for Parent/Student Support.  
She also runs Group Work with Year 7 to Year 11 to support their engagement with school. She can do specific family support work and can visit families at home as part of an engagement plan. She works closely with outside agencies.
Hannah continues to provide support thought the school holidays and can be reached on 07561 818167 or via email.
Nicki Plummer
Our School has a fully qualified counsellor available to offer a confidential service to all students. Counselling provides a safe setting for students to explore any issues that they may be experiencing. 
Frequently raised issues are relationships, stress, bereavement, anxiety, school related issues, family problems, self-harm, alcohol/drug related issues, eating disorders and emotional feelings, in fact anything that is causing the student worry or concern.
During a first session you can get to know Nicki and decide if you think that counselling is for you. 
The counselling service works within the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice.


EmPower are valued part of our student support team. They are a group of Year 10 students, trained to provide peer support for Years 7, 8 and 9, on a daily basis from an office in student support, and one to one mentoring for students who may need some extra support. They patrol the junior playgrounds at lunch time providing support for students if needed.
EmPower also offers a confidential email and text service, where students can contact them for help or support. (emails are monitored by member of the student support staff)
Click here to contact the EmPower team via email.
The text service number is 07511584851
If you feel you would benefit from having some one-to-one mentoring with an EmPower mentor then please see Terri Barbery-Redd (Student Support Team)
What the students say about EmPower:
“EmPower are great. Sometimes when I’m feeling lonely or down at lunchtime I go and see them and they make me feel better” Scott Year 8
“My EmPower mentor has been so helpful. She really listens to me and understands what I’m going through” Charlotte Year 7
“One time I fell out with one of my friends in the Year 7 Quiet Area and the EmPower person came and stuck up for me and sorted it out. They helped me explain what happened to Mr Petchey” Callum Year 7
“I like the fact that EmPower are there if I need them” Alice Year 9





We also work closely with the Police and our PCSO Pete Sobye is an important part of the Wadebridge Community as well as here in school.   

PCSO Pete Sobye

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