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The Children’s Hospice South West Charity shop currently sell our recycled uniform; it is situated just off the bridge, between Bridge Sports and Barny’s Fish and Chips.

The prices are approximately £3 for a jumper, £1 for trousers and shirts, £3 for PE tops and the money will go directly to the Children’s Hospice; a very worthy cause.

Any donations of uniform/PE kit can be dropped directly to the shop.



Uniform Letter - July 2019


Uniform Code

Many high street stores in the run up to the new school year start to sell 'school uniform' under marketing campaigns such as 'Back to School'.  Many of these items do not meet our uniform code so the following is an important guide to what is acceptable and compliant with Wadebridge School's uniform code. Frequent checks are made of the school uniform and students are expected to comply throughout the school year.  Parents will be contacted to correct any non-compliance, but we will also have suitable replacements for them to change into if this cannot be done immediately.

School Knitwear 

Students have a choice of a jumper or cardigan both of which have the school badge on.  All items are 100% cotton with the fit of the jumpers being different for boys and girls.  These items are all available from our supplier Wovina in Bodmin.  The uniform can be ordered on-line at www.wovina.com, or by telephoning Wovina direct on 01208 73484.  We understand that children often wear a sweatshirt or hoodie as an “outside” coat, however, these must be removed on entering the buildings and not worn in lesson or as a replacement for their school jumper otherwise they may be kept until the end of the day.

School Shorts 

Shorts have been added as a non-compulsory item to the school uniform code.  They can only be purchased from Stud Sports, Unit 8a, A30 Business Park, Indian Queens TR9 6FZ Tel. 01637 881039 or online https://macronstoresw.com/schools/wadebridge-school  The school shorts may be worn all year round - it is important to note that NO OTHER SHORTS WILL BE PERMITTED - the uniform shorts are plain black with the school badge on the leg.

Boys Shorts       Girls Shorts


School Ties

Year 7 - 10 continue to use the Wadebridge School clip-on style tie (available from Wovina and from School priced at £4.50), but Year 11 have a special tie which is voted for by the year group, the sales of which contribute to the students’ prom fund. The Year 11 tie is only available from School and students purchase them annually.  Replacement ties are also available from the School office.  We are very proud of our students and their achievements, and occasionally other ties (such as county awards) are permitted, but this will need to be discussed with the Key Stage Leader.



These need to be proper shirts and not polo shirts.  They should be white and of an appropriate length (i.e. no midriffs on show) and should certainly not have a plunging neck line.  Girls' shirts still need to allow a clip-on tie to be worn sensibly.

Trousers & Skirts  

Boys continue to wear black trousers and girls either black trousers or skirts. Items are expected to be black and remain black not fading to grey over time.  Black jeans (or jean styled trousers - with rivets or patch style back pockets), black chinos, leggings, jeggings or shorts are not suitable and skirts must be of a decent length. If you are buying stretchy, tighter, fitted style skirts, please bear in mind that these have a tendency to ‘ride up’ during the day. Skirts are not acceptable if they continue to sit at an inappropriate height.  

    Acceptable Skirt

Boys Unacceptable Boys Acceptable Girls Unacceptable Girls Acceptable




Trainers are acceptable, but they must be totally black (i.e. no white bits).  Boots of any description are not suitable footwear for school.

To help ensure that our school remains a ‘smart’ school we have a procedure for when pupils are without their normal school shoes. Pupils who arrive to school without the correct footwear will need to report to Mr Bateman’s office before school with a note explaining their reasons for not having the correct shoes. They will then be loaned a black pair of shoes for the day and leave their shoes which they can collect at the end of the school day. 

If a pupil arrives without a note from home, they will be informed that this is required for the next day and they will be loaned a pair of shoes. If a note does not arrive the following day and the pupil is still wearing inappropriate footwear, then they will again be loaned a pair of shoes but will also be required to undertake a community activity, such as litter duty during morning break, as a gentle reminder to bring a note the following day. Any given note will only be valid for 5 days and a new note will be required at the end of each 5 day period, for which correct school shoes are unavailable.

Jewellery, Hair and Makeup

Students are permitted to wear one pair of studded earrings, one in each ear.  No other piercings are permitted, facial or otherwise.  Spacers are not permitted.

Students may wear a watch on their preferred wrist.  Rings, bangles, bracelets etc. are not permitted.

Students should have hair of a natural colour and extreme hair styles are not permitted.

Make up should be subtle and not excessive; coloured nail polish is not permitted, neither are any form of nail enhancements.

PE Kit

All School PE Kit is supplied by a company called Proserve and can be ordered via their website or by using this order form.


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