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Accounting Officer - Value for Money Statement

The Academies Financial Handbook includes a requirement for academy trusts to complete an annual value for money statement. Information on the format and content of the statement can be found on the EFA website. It is a requirement that academies send their completed statements to the EFA by 31 December and publish them on the academies’s website within 1 month of submission. 

Value for Money Statement 2014

Value for Money Statement 2013


Wadebridge School Trustees Report

Annual Accounts report 2012-13

Annual Accounts report 2013-14

Annual Accounts report 2014-15

Annual Accounts report 2015-16

Annual Accounts report 2016-17

The first Trustees Report (2012/13) for Wadebridge School covered the period from conversion to an academy, March 2012 to 31 August 2013.  All other reports cover a 12 month period from 1 September each year until 31 August.


Details of our finance policies can be accessed here.

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