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The most recent Ofsted inspection reports for Wadebridge School can be obtained from the Ofsted website by clicking on this link: Wadebridge School Oftsed report

Wadebridge School - Ofsted Letter - January 2018 

Information held by the DfE about the school, including the 2015 and 2016 GCSE examinations and provisional results for 2017, can be accessed here: Wadebridge School

An independent and detailed analysis of the school's GCSE performance in 2015, 2016 and 2017, carried out by FFT Aspire, can be accessed here: FFT Governors' Dashboard 2015, FFT Governors' Dashboard 2016 and FFT Governors' Dashboard 2017. A summary of the school's performance over three years (2015-17) is available here: FFT Self-evaluation summary dashboard.

The GCSE and A level performance of our school can be compared to any other school, locally and nationally, using this government website: School and College Performance Tables

We are always interested to hear the views of all members of our school community and would be really grateful if parents visited the Ofsted Parent View website and completed the survey.

To view the results of Ofsted's Parent View survey about the school please follow this link: Parent View Results

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