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Wadebridge PE Vision

Work within the Wadebridge Physical Education Department at all Key Stages is designed to support, contribute to and compliment the aims of the school.  We aim to provide an enjoyable, challenging programme, with opportunities for all students to develop their physical, social and cognitive skills. The curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences to meet the needs of the individual students, and encourages active involvement as performers, observers and officials. This experience is complemented and extended through a significant extra-curricular programme designed to allow further development of skills in both competitive and non-competitive environments.  The development of confidence, tolerance and the appreciation of one’s own and others’ strengths and weaknesses are considered to be an important part of the learning process where personalising learning and challenge are integral to success.

Aims - Achievement for All

  1. To increase knowledge and promote positive attitudes to health and fitness.
  2. To develop an ability to adapt and apply knowledge, skills and concepts in a range of physical activities.
  3. To build up self-esteem through the development of physical competence and confidence.
  4. To develop knowledge and understanding of safety procedures and the ability to apply safety principles in different contexts.
  5. To appreciate the benefits of physical exercise and cope with both successes and failures in competitive and co-operative activities and  work at maximal levels.
  6. To evaluate personal performance, identify development needs and experience the enjoyment and satisfaction of success in physical activity.

Welcome to the Wadebridge PE Curriculum

The Wadebridge PE Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

The Key Stage 3 PE curriculum consists of a structured set of activities which allow pupils to develop in the different strands of the National Curriculum. Students have 4 lessons over the 2 week timetable and will alternate between 2 activities across each half term. 

Year 7 Outline
Year 8 Outline
Year 9 Outline

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

The Key Stage 4 PE Curriculum consists of a core programme which all pupils follow. This is 4 hours over the 2 week timetable and is an option based system that allows students to personalise their learning. The core programme also includes the Sports Leaders Level 1 qualification as one of its strands of learning. In addition to the core programme students can also choose to take either GCSE or BTEC examination courses. Both of these courses will be 5 hours over the 2 week timetable. 

Core PE Programme

Core Overview

GCSE PE Overview

GCSE Theory Scheme of Work
GCSE Practical Activities
Link to OCR Practical Activities Sylabus

Level 2 BTEC Overview

BTEC Course outline

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

The Key Stage 5 PE Curriculum consists of the A Level Physical Education qualification. Along with this examination course we also offer all students the opportunity to join the 6th form sports academy that runs weekly on Wednesday afternoons. There are currently Football, Netball and Surfing Academy squads as part of the academy provision along with a training session on Monday lunchtimes.

BTEC level 3 Sports Studies

6th Form Sports Academy

Sports Academy Overview 

Other Useful Documents

Frequently asked questions 
PE kit order form

Extra Curricular Sports Opportunities

Sports Practices - Summer 2017

Risk Assessment for School Fixtures and Tournaments

Parents' Consent Letter
Fixtures and Tournaments Risk Assessment

Staff Good Practice Document for Sports Teams


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