Student Support

A Level studies can be very stressful and lots of students experience emotional and personal issues during this time that might be helped with additional support, such as problems with  friendships, relationships or family; managing coursework or ill health.


Nicola Brough is the first point of contact for any student who may be experiencing a personal or welfare issue during their time in Sixth Form.  Whatever the question or problem she will do her best to help or refer you to the appropriate person. She operates an open door policy and students are welcome to call in and see her.  Talking to Nicola offers students the opportunity to talk through situations that may be causing them concern. 

All concerns are dealt with in a sensitive and private manner and anything you tell Nicola remains confidential unless she believes that you or someone else might be at risk from harm.  Sometimes the issues discussed are relating to your studies and therefore will involve liaison with teaching staff to find ways to support you.

Sometimes you may need additional support which Nicola will be able to refer you for.  This referral may be for counselling, additional study support or to an outside agency.  All referrals will be made after discussion with you and will not be made without your agreement.


Sometimes issues students are faced with need extra support in addition to that offered by Nicola. You may be feeling alone and need someone to talk to or may be feeling confused about something going on in your life. Maybe you feel you are not coping or are feeling down, angry, lost, uncertain or not in control of some aspect of your life. 

If Nicola feels you might benefit from counselling she will discuss this option with you. It is your choice to have counselling and also when you would like it to end.  If you are not sure if counselling is for you and would just like to find out more, Nicola will point you in the right direction before a referral is made.


Students who are struggling with elements of their coursework may benefit from a referral to the Study Support Tutor who will provide one to one academic help. The Study Support Tutor is available for all students to help them ensure good progress is made at all times. 

Sixth Form students are encouraged to develop independent learning although even the most academically able students  sometimes need a bit of extra help.  Targeted one to one support can be organized via teaching staff, form tutors or self-referral. Reasons for referral could be where students need help structuring an essay, finding a resource, proof-reading or managing their time.


For Alcohol and Drugs awareness, Steve Clare from SCADA delivers sessions which aim to empower students to make fully informed decisions in terms of long and short term health, social and legal impact.  Along with other outside groups, Steve is a point of contact for students who have  individual questions. 

Sex and relationship advice operates on the same lines with sessions and advice delivered by Brook

Sixth Form aims to promote safe sexual practices and are registered to distribute free condoms to students via the C-Card Scheme.  This scheme aims to make condoms more accessible and provides young people with support and information about sexual health and how to use a condom correctly empowering them to take responsibility for their own sexual health. Students can sign up for a C-Card by going along to the Health Zone on a Monday lunchtime.

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