GCE A Level English Literature

Two years for A level (A2).

WJEC/ Eduqas Board.
Further details are available from their website

Entry Requirements/Student Suitability:
Students are required to reach the Wadebridge Sixth Form Level 3 entry criteria. In addition you should relish reading independently, researching and writing about a range of novels, plays and poetry. The course will build on skills from the English Literature GCSE.

Course Content:

A Level

Component 1 – Exam – 2 hours minutes - Poetry (30%)

Section A - Poetry pre 1900 (open book) - one two part question.
Section B Poetry Post 1900 (open book) - one question from a choice of two.

Component 2 - Exam  2 hours Drama (closed book) (30%)

Section A Shakespeare - one two part question
Section B Drama one question based on the reading of two plays: one Pre 1900 and one post 1900.

Component 3 : Exam 2 hours unseen texts (20%)

Section A - Unseen prose - analysis of a passage.
Section B - Unseen poetry analysis.

Component 4: Coursework 3500 words (20%)

Written assignment based on the reading of two prose texts from different periods – one pre 2000 and one post 2000.

For further information and exemplar question papers see the WJEC website.

Methods of Study:

Independent reading

  • Classroom discussion
  • Group work
  • Independent Research
  • Practice exam papers
Independent Study Time:

A successful English Literature student will enjoy reading a range of genres and be prepared to read independently for homework, prepare notes on sections studied and discuss findings in class. Collating support material from websites and study guides will help develop an understanding of the socio/historical contexts in which texts were produced.

Progression and the Future:
The English Literature course provides students with a wide range of skills which will help to prepare them for progression into Higher Education. The course is also useful for a wide range of careers including: journalism, teaching and law and is considered a facilitating subject by all Universities.

Subject Contacts:

 Mr T Read

How to Apply:
The Application Process begins in February of each year. Please contact Debbie Chick, Sixth Form Support for further information or to request an application form.

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