Information relating to school operations during the national Covid 19 restrictions 2021

For information relating to contact tracing from 19th July please follow the link.

Our Covid 19 Test Centre was successfully set up with staff fully trained to test colleagues and pupils using the Lateral Flow Devices. A copy of the Test Centre risk assessment can be accessed here

All staff were tested in the first week of term and are now testing themselves at home twice each week. 

Since the return to school from 8th March all pupils have been offered 3 tests as part of the mass testing programme and have been given home test kits following their third test in school. We strongly encourage all pupils to carry out supervised Covid tests at home twice each week and that the results are recorded on the NHS app.

A general risk assessment for operating during these Covid times can be viewed here.

A guide for parents outlining what the school's remote learning provision is can be accessed here.

A guide for using MS Teams can be assessed here by using the pupil's wsnumber and password to log in.

There are learning resources for all subjects on the curriculum resources sharepoint which is accessed by using the pupil's wsnumber and password to log in.

Staff email addresses follow the same pattern as with the staff initial followed by their surname then, e.g. Staff initials and surnames are shown on pupils' timetables.

We have revised our safeguarding and behaviour policies to account for new ways of operating when pupils are learning remotely, these can be accessed here:

We constantly monitored, evaluated and looked to improve our provision of blended learning throughout the current lockdown and we have used the DfE's review framework to do this. This is a living document and is regularly updated, a recent version of this review can be accessed on the following link: 

Review of remote provision (Feb. 2021)

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