Information relating to school during the national lockdown 2021

Our Covid 19 Test Centre has been successfully set up with staff fully trained to test colleagues and pupils using the Lateral Flow Devices. All staff were tested in the first week of term and will be tested weekly during lockdown. Vulnerable pupils and children of key workers attending school have also been tested twice. All pupils will be offered a test as part of the mass testing programme when schools reopen - parental consent for can be given using this link

A copy of the Test Centre risk assessment can be accessed here. A more general risk assessment for operating during these Covid times can be viewed here.

Following the Prime Minister's announcement of the national lockdown schools are closed (information for parents and carers, from the Department for Education, can be accessed here) to all but vulnerable children and those of key workers (more information about which jobs are considered key workers can be accessed here

A guide for parents outlining what the school's remote learning provision is can be accessed here.

During the first week of term Year 11 engaged fantastically with lessons delivered live via MS Teams.

In the second week Years 9 and 10 have been receiving live lessons via MS Teams and they have also engaged superbly with their online learning.

In the week beginning 18th January we will be delivering Teams lessons to Years 7, 8 and 11 and we hope to have Teams lessons for all year groups each week after that.

All year groups have Tutor sessions delivered via MS Teams each week (check ClassCharts for the schedule).

A guide for using MS Teams can be assessed here by using the pupil's wsnumber and password to log in.

Please note that Teams lessons will be scheduled to start 5 minutes after the scheduled start time for the lesson and finish 10 minutes before the end of the lesson; everyone should take a break from the screen between lessons!

There are learning resources for all subjects on the curriculum resources sharepoint which is accessed by using the pupil's wsnumber and password to log in.

Each day pupils will have five lessons on ClassCharts corresponding to the lessons they would have that day. Pupils or parents needing their ClassCharts code to log in should email During each lesson the class teacher will either be in direct contact with the class on Teams or be available on email to answer queries relating to accessing the learning resources. Staff email addresses follow the same pattern as with the staff initial followed by their surname then, e.g. Staff initials and surnames are shown on pupils' timetables.

Please note that occasionally a teacher may not be able to deliver live lessons as they are either ill or taking part in staff training, when this happens work will still be set on ClassCharts.


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