Personal, Social, Health and Enterprise Education

Key Stage 4

Personal Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) permeates all aspects of life at Wadebridge School. The Key Stage 4 programme aims to be imaginative and to provide pupils with an abundance of enriching opportunities. PSHE education is covered in tutor time, assemblies and discrete lessons, for Year 9, once a week. Year 10 students have immersion days that are designed to enrich their planned programme. These days are supported with both pre and post learning and aim to allow students to explore Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) related topics in depth. During both discreet lessons and immersion days external agencies make an effective contribution bringing a wider range of expertise. Year 11 students receive the bulk of their PSHE education through the tutor programme where the emphasis is on economic well-being and careers education. As well as receiving impartial independent advice and guidance, which is complemented by external agencies, their careers education package aims to develop their resilience, self-esteem, risk-management, team working and critical thinking. These skills are seen as essential in preparing students for ‘life beyond school’. 

The Key Stage 4 PSHE teaching team is predominately made up of tutors, key members of the student support team and senior members of staff - evidence of the high status that we place on PSHE education and that it is central to the vision and ethos of our school. Staff use a range of imaginative teaching strategies and the programme is constantly updated so that it responds to the issues that our students face. Students work in a safe and secure learning environments that enable them to explore health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world (including economic wellbeing). We are proud that our students willingly discuss and debate sensitive and controversial issues, and have the confidence to challenge attitudes/behaviour that they see as negative. 

Wadebridge School is dedicated to encouraging all pupils to make a genuine and valued contribution to school life. Examples include the Empower team, a group of Year 10 students who are trained to provide peer support and mentoring for younger students, and PRIDE, a group that focuses on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) peer support. PRIDE raises awareness of LGBTQ issues and celebrates equality, diversity and acceptance within our school. In addition, high-quality enrichment activities, including The Duke of Edinburgh Award, make an outstanding contribution to the development of PSHE education at Key Stage 4.


Key Stage 3

Personal Development (PD) in KS3 seeks to address the task that presents our pupils today, of growing up in an ever-changing society. Topics such as “This is the Real World”, “Creativity”, “Life Goals” and “Moral Dilemmas”, have been introduced to allow students to examine and reflect upon key issues faced by young people today.
PD is addressed in tutorial time, through tutor group led assemblies and “links” activities and lessons once a week.  PD, given its nature, is also covered across the curriculum in subject areas and in topic days, such as  Sex and Relationships Education days (our SRE policy can be accessed here) and Fair Trade day.
The PD teaching staff are comprised of staff from across the whole school, but largely made up of senior, experienced teachers.  Lessons use an array of different approaches to motivate and engage our young people.
 Key Stage 3 PD Student Outcomes

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