Careers Education and Guidance


The world of work and employment is changing rapidly.  Young people face a bewildering range of career opportunities and an equally confusing amount of careers information.  Given this environment, it is vital that our students have access to accurate, impartial and objective advice and guidance on the career pathways available to them, so they can make informed choices about their future.


In order to meet our students’ needs we offer:

  • Careers Education

This consists of a range of learning activities and experiences focused on self-development, career 
exploration and career and financial planning.  It is offered to all students through PSHE lessons, the
tutor time programme, in assemblies and at events such as Careers Fairs. 

  • Careers Guidance
This consists of more personalised support, tailored to the needs of the individual.  It takes 
place through one to one or small group interviews, the use of self-assessment tools that provide
individualised feedback, or referral to nationally recognised services that provide personalised advice 
via helplines or the web. 
  • Other Career Activities & Services
This consists of a wide range of additional activities & services that provide an insight to the world of 
work, such as curriculum links with local employers, colleges and universities, our work experience 
programmes in Year 10 and Year 12, student mentoring and career materials available in the library.

Up to date, Independent & Impartial Advice

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