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Below you will find information about History courses at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 

Please click here for the A Level History page.

Key Stage 4

The Eduqas GCSE is made up of 4 exams

- USA 1910-29

- Germany 1918-1990

- Elizabethan Era

- Medicine Through Time 500-2000 

There is a revision booklet for each exam. Each booklet includes..

* Syllabus overview 

* Key content

* Revision sheets

* Exam guidance and exemplar questions  

 Germany Booklet

 USA Booklet

 Elizabeth Booklet

 Medicine Booklet


 Click here for a link to the GCSE syllabus used by Year 11 (EDUQAS)

Key Stage 3

An outline of the Key Stage 3 History curriculum can be found here.
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