Media Studies

At Wadebridge School students can opt for Media Studies and start in Year 9. Students will engage in a qualification that promotes academic study as well as technical and creativity ability. The course will cover how  various media platforms are produced and received by mass and niche audiences as well as an exciting range of media texts and theories. Media Studies improves students’ ICT skills by using new technologies to create texts and develop important evaluation skills that are useful in today’s Media world.




Component 1: Exploring the Media 40%

Analysing Media Language and Representation in Print based Media products. Assessed by a written exam.

Component 2: Understanding Media Forms and Products 30%

Applying Media theories and context to Television and Music Media products. Assessed by Written exam.

Component 3: Creating Media Products 30%

Creating your own Media product, showing an understanding of intended audience and Media knowledge. This is in response to a brief set by the exam board.




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End of term Friday 21st July at 1.35pm - contracted buses will come in early - public buses will follow their normal timetable.

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