At Wadebridge School students are invited to engage with a variety of drama skills and activities that help exercise their imaginations and build on their group skills and confidence. At Key Stage 3 Drama is taught through the English Curriculum and students can opt for Drama at Keystage 4 and Key Stage 5. Studying Drama at Key Stage 4 or Key Sage 5 has a lot of personal benefits for students. It helps with building self-confidence, speaking in public, and developing interpersonal skills. Drama will help students to be more aware of how their physical presentation which an effect the way people see you. Ethically, it provides the motivation to start to evaluate your own values and beliefs.

Key Stage 4 GCSE Drama

Unit 1 Drama Exploration
Unit 2 Exploring Play Texts
Unit 3 Drama Performance


Key Stage 5 GCE Drama and Theatre Studies

Unit 1 Exploration of Drama and Theatre

Unit 2 Theatre text in Performance

Unit 3 Exploration of a Dramatic Performance

Unit 4 Theatre Text in Context


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